From Asia to Europe to the Americas, our products are exported and used to make different things. To meet the demands of rapid urbanisation, we are placing emphasis on increasing our export further.

Rayon : Kesoram Rayon has been exporting Rayon / Viscose Filament Yarn since 1990-91 and we have achieved substantial growth in our export since then. Export volume has steadily increased from 10.42% in 1996-97 to 15.11% in 1999-2000. Our output has also increased from 117 M.T. in 1993-94 (1.88% of production) to 946 M.T. in 1995-96 (14.84% of production). Since 1998-99, we have maintained a level of 600 M.T. per annum, which is around 10% of our production. This rate is higher than the average achieved by the total industry. For the financial year 2012-13, our export reached 709 M.T. Presently, we export rayon yarn to Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, Argentina, Bolivia, Tunisia and Turkey.

Kesophane : Kesoram Rayon has been exporting Kesophane since the early 1970s and we have received the certificate of export recognition from Capexil several times. The export of Kesophane has been quite wide spread, catering to countries like Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Spain, Thailand and USA.