Viscose/Rayon Filament Yarn (VFY) is cellulosic man-made fibre produced from wood pulp, and is widely used to manufacture woven and knitted fabrics, velvet, chords, threads and more. Commonly known as “Art-Silk”, our VFY fabrics have a rich natural shining finish or lustre. Due to its flexibility, smooth feel, silky finish and hygiene (skin-friendly) properties, VFY is generally preferred over synthetic yarns by both domestic and overseas customers.

At Kesoram Rayon, our VFY is sold in modes such as Cones, Hanks and Cakes. 90% of our production is in the Cone form as it is the most widely accepted mode by end-users. We also market VFY in the following finish: Bright (sometimes referred as raw white by overseas buyers), Dull/Semi Dull/Opaque, Snow White, and Coloured or Dyed.

For our coloured VFY, we have over 100 different shades to choose from. To make it easy for our customers to select their preferred colour, we have a shade card that details every colour available. Besides coloured VFY, we also have the capacity to produce dyed VFY in any deniers and quantity. Currently, our deniers in production range from 100 to 600.

To learn more about how we produce our VFY, you can browse the detailed specification chart or request one from us.