April 1, 2020


Kesophane Nature Wrap

Healthy and Hygienic, Safe Food Wrap. Kesophane Paper is available in user-friendly small reel made specifically for manual wrapping of food items and other essentials.

No more soggy food. Kesophane’s superior moisture permeability allows moisture balance between the wrapped food and outside environment. Wrap warm and fresh food, fruits and vegetable without any fear of fogging.

Prevent discolouration. Kesophane’s unique property prevents oxidation and protects the food wrapped in it.

Kesophane Craft

Creative young minds are flourishing more than ever before. At the same time the kids are being enriched with knowledge of the need of conservation of ecosystem.

Kesophane with its brilliance and transparency is also nature-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable.

The Kesophane A4 and A3 pack intends to bring in the awareness of preservation of nature in a creative and fun-filling way to the kids.

Kesophane Transparent Paper

P.T. TYPE Kesophane Paper : ‘Kesophane’ is the brand name under which we manufacture Cellulose Transparent Paper (colloquially know as Cellophane Paper). Kesophane paper is a flexible packaging film with clear transparency and is tough enough to withstand the beating process in an automatic packaging operation. Made from natural wood, Kesophane paper is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Kesophane is a plain, transparent, uncoated film with high transparency and sparkle. It is non-heat sealable but can be easily sealed or closed by any conventional water-based adhesive. Kesophane PT quality film offers a hygienic wrap for protection against dust, oil and grease, as well as soiling on shelf. It does not exhibit any problem associated with static electricity, making it an ideal flexible packaging material.

Presently, our Kesophane PT quality paper is being produced in the form of reams and reels in different sizes to suit the requirement of our customers. It is marketed globally through a network of agents and dealers.